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 Macro Photography - Index

The relatively recent purchase of a macro lens  has allowed me to pursue another new and exciting interest in photography; the world of the small that the unaided human eye occasionally struggles to see.  I started out initially with a Sigma 105mm  macro lens, which I had for a few years, but it was noisy and slow to focus so I eventually upgraded to a Canon 100mm EF macro lens and this suits me better. Macro photography gives access to a whole new range of subject matter minute items in nature such as flowers, leaves, insects, water, decay, shapes, patterns, colour and abstracts the list is endless.

By my own admission, my success rate in achieving consistency and good macro images is somewhat poor, albeit I have only been involved in this type of photography for a fairly short time. It is my aim, therefore, to improve several aspects of my technique in the future in an endeavour to redress the problems. 

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