donald s parsons  

                                          Tel: 07804 388 489

    Donald Parsons, Scottish photographer, living 10 miles south-east of Glasgow. 


My avid interest in photography started as a student in my early twenties and it  continued to develop until emerging some twenty years later as an unfettered passion. I am entirely self-taught and up until 2003 I processed and carefully crafted all of my work, both monochrome and colour, in a comprehensively equipped home darkroom. I consider that the many years spent honing intricate darkroom skills have been an excellent platform from which to move into the digital medium and although my everyday photography is now undertaken entirely in digital, I have retained film cameras and darkroom facilities should the occasion arise. 

I made the transition to digital photography in 2003 and soon learned what the new technology could offer in terms of creative freedom and image expression.  It is a fabulous medium in which to work and, in conjunction with photo-editing software, the only constraint is one’s imagination.   All my printing is now done at home on an A3 printer.

My interests in photography are wide and varied and include landscapes, portraiture, weddings, panoramas, model portfolios (studio and location), audio visual sequences, occasional sport and, most recently, nature and macro photography. A continuous appetite for learning, taking on new aspects of the art, coupled with the endeavour to progress my photography in terms of creativity and quality are my core motivators.

I work with quality digital cameras and a variety of carefully selected professional lenses and accessories to cover most situations. Until recently, the majority of my portraits and model portfolios were photographed in a Glasgow studio. However, the vast majority of this work is now undertaken on location which poses a new set of challenges, not least of which is the variability of the weather in the West of Scotland. Nevertheless, I have comprehensive studio lighting equipment which can be used in almost any indoor setting where simulated studio conditions are required. For location situations I occasionally use portable strobe lighting (multiple battery powered flashguns with brollies).